Page 352 - End of Chapter 9!
Posted March 21, 2024 at 2:40 pm

This page marks the end of chapter 9! Sorry to all you out there who loved seeing Leon get his sh*t rocked, we'll be back with them soon enough, but we really need to check in on the boys back at St. Jude's. I'm sure they're wondering why Gage hasn't called them yet ...

LIES WITHIN is going on spring break between chapters! I need some time to get caught up on Life, as well as, fingers crossed, build up a buffer so that when Chapter 10 begins, there are few interruptions. Thank you for understanding! As always, Patrons will continue to get pages as I complete them, so if you'd like to support me & see early LIES WITHIN pages (as well as an exclusive, smoochy side comic in the works) head on over to my Patreon & pledge at the Fledgling or Sire tier. 

The comic will return April 25th!