Page 337 - Back Nov 10th!
Posted October 20, 2023 at 1:55 pm

Edit: I mathed wrong for a 2 week break--I'll be back the 10th, not the 3rd. Sorry!

Hey everyone! Just a heads up: I'm taking a couple weeks off to get myself something of a buffer, because recovery from a recent illness took a lot more out of me than I expected! I am sorry to press pause during this, the most spookiest of seasons, but I hope you understand! Burn out is real & this is me taking steps to prevent that. 

Also, if you haven't heard, I've started posting LIES WITHIN from the very beginning on Webtoon & Tapas. You're welcome to pop over there and enjoy some re-runs, now remastered in a long scrolling, mobile-friendly format. 

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And finally, over on Patreon, I've started an 18+ mini comic starring Lys & Simon, which you can see if you check out the "ONCE BITTEN" collection after unlocking the SIRE tier! Thank you for your support!