Page 324 - Reminder: Patreon Discount!
Posted May 18, 2023 at 11:33 am

As a reminder, the highest tier of my Patreon is currently on discount!

To celebrate Lies Within turning 6 this month, my SIRE tier on Patreon is currently 30% off for the entire month of May! If you've been thinking about becoming a Patron, here's a chance to save! You have until May 31st to lock in your pledge at that lower rate, and then you keep it for as long as you're pledged. You also save more by subscribing yearly! Get savings, support me!

The SIRE tier offers:
WIPs of pages in progress,
Hi-res pages as soon as they're complete,
& Exclusive spicy art I don't put anywhere else!

You also get an ebook copy of NIGHT HUNT for becoming a Patron at any tier! Thanks a lot for supporting me making Lies Within!