Lysander lacks direction in his life… though he seems to be the only one who doesn’t mind. He’s content to live rent-free under his sister’s roof, get high, watch monster movies, and canoodle with Simon, the new neighbour who moved in a few months ago.

When Lys is attacked one night by a strange intruder in his kitchen, it’s soft, quiet Simon who comes to his aid. In the process, he exposes Lys to a deadly secret:

Monsters are real, and they’re tired of living humanity’s shadow.

Lies Within updates Thursdays and contains strong language, smoking, violent imagery, adult situations, drug and alcohol mentions, and frank discussions about mental health.

About the Artist

Lies Within is created by Lacey, a lifelong vampire fan from a small town in Canada best known for a UFO crash in the sixties. Lies Within is her first webcomic and draws inspiration from sources such as The Vampire Chronicles, Being Human, and the general vibe of early 00's supernatural TV shows. She can be found most places on the internet @byelacey.